The Drawing Tool Company is me, Mark Wemyss-Holden and a few good friends. The company was created when I left full-time teaching in 2011 to turn my revolutionary new D&T drawing tool into a reality. Being inside the classroom gave me the insight only a teacher could have into how learners interact with their resources and the struggles therein. Originally created for a school open evening demonstration, IsoSketch® is now a global-selling product, creating a strong following in the D&T community worldwide.

IsoSketch® - cure for "I can't draw"
3D drawing skills can be a major barrier to learning in creative subjects like Product Design, Resistant Materials and Graphic Products; exactly the kind of subjects that can lead people into highly valued careers like industrial design or engineering. As a teacher of design, pupils delivering the "I can't draw" one-liner was a constant headache. I understand the need for differentiated resources and have developed IsoSketch® to cater for the full ability spectrum. The whole point of D&T should be that your imagination is the limit - not your talent. IsoSketch® is equally suited to beginners or competent sketchers, suited to a range of quick 3D sketches or a full-on exploded diagram. So if you ever hear "I can't draw!", your measured response can now be: "You CAN - you just don't know how yet!" Then chuck an IsoSketch® in front of them.

More to come from The Drawing Tool Company...
I created The Drawing Tool Company to allow me to bring other similar ideas to market, keeping a strong emphasis on products that genuinely aid teaching and learning where drawing skills are required. The growing product range is designed with the classroom in mind; our IsoSketch® Classpacks include a full set of 30 IsoSketch® tools, a teacher-friendly set of printable and electronic resources and a classroom stacker, so your resources can be as organised as you are. There's more in the pipelines too - but one thing will stay the same; we take pride in the fact that all our products have been, and will be, designed, developed and produced 100% here in Great Britain. By a teacher.

Finally, I'd just like to thank you for reading. It's a very personal thing when someone takes a real interest or complements the product, so thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about our ideas.

Director, The Drawing Tool Company