Steve Fergusson, Head of Design and Technology, Haywood Academy, Stoke on Trent:

We have been using IsoSketch at Haywood Academy for the past 3 months. We started out using them at KS3 but now regularly use them at KS4 and KS5.

The real benefit we have found is how quick the IsoSketch has made drawing precise isometric ideas. Students are instantly rewarded with a feeling of success when they produce a perfect 3D drawing. The tool has been use to differentiate, students who used to say ‘I can’t draw’ are now able to use the tool to access the lesson content to a higher standard. Indeed, we have used IsoSketch in the opposite way to challenge our more able students – asking them to use it to create unique 3D ideas. 

Another positive is the quality of design development and synthesis – students can modify and develop ideas using the tool quickly and effectively– communicating developments in clear 3D drawings.

AQA also support the use of IsoSketch in the GCSE Product Design Exam, so we have used them in mock exams – the results have improved greatly for the Design Question as students can use the tool to produce high quality designs under pressure.

I would highly recommend IsoSketch for all KS3/4/5 students, we have several class packs which are used daily to help our students with their 3D drawings.