Say goodbye to "I can't draw!" - Designed by a D&T teacher, the IsoSketch® Classpack has been created to help increase the drawing skills of all your pupils - regardless of natural ability. Our classroom pack consists of a full class set of 30 brightly coloured IsoSketch® 3D drawing tools, a handy stacker to keep things organised and a range of useful resources to use in your lessons. The IsoSketch® Classpack offers a large saving over buying individual IsoSketch® tools and is designed and manufactured 100% in Great Britain. International Registered Design number: 002114157-0001. 


Classpack Includes:
  • 30 IsoSketch® 3D drawing tools
  • Classroom stacker with carry handle
  • Introduction Powerpoint (.ppt format on CD)
  • A4 learning worksheets (PDF format on CD)
  • A5 display postcards (PDF format on CD)
  • Uncompressed versions of ALL tutorial videos (On CD)
  • Protective reusable case to avoid classroom scrapes

Price: €85 (plus delivery) *EU ONLY*
(Please note, any import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer)