IsoSketch® Design Tutorials

Using basic shapes to design more complicated objects is called 'crating'. Here we show you how to use basic shapes like cylinders and cuboids (3D oblongs) to create some cool designs. Our examples show you how to design interesting products using basic shapes, plus you'll see some neat presentation techniques to have a go at too.

Our tip would be to get yourself a good mechanical pencil and a fine liner for the best results, although you can still follow these tutorials with a good old fashioned sharp pencil. For really impressive sketches, we used Pantone® markers when adding colour, although again, you can still get great results with any crayon or felt tip - have a go at some of the simple colouring techniques we have used!

Click on the images to watch step-by-step demonstrations, then have a go yourself! 

If you come up with something you want to share, send us a picture via Facebook, Twitter or email us - we'd love to see what you've been up to.